Espace Papillon (EITC Brussels Residency Program)

1 Mar 2012 - 30 Apr 2012
Case study: 
Espace Papillon (EITC Brussels Residency Program)
From 2011 until 2013 nadine had a residency venue in Schaarbeek, Brussels, called Shop. From end 2011 until the beginning of 2013 nadine organised a residency program in the framework of their EITC case study Co-Wastl. The program invited artists to research crafts and cultural exchange using the commercial set-up of a shop in a cultural diverse area of Brussels.

Artist Bram Borloo developed during his shop residency a temporary artistic intervention in Schaarbeek with a creative program for children and adults in the neighbourhood. The vitrine of the shop acted as the border between in- and outside. The open studio became public space where Borloo wanted to engage and exchange his cultural practice with the highly populated 'quarter'. He invited people for presentations, music concerts and workshops.