day of the dead

The Day of the Dead altar at Georgina's place
5 Nov 2011

Having our first meeting with Georgina, we came up with the idea launch of a Day of the Dead app next year! It would simply be an app + a small shrine crafted in Zegache that you can configure with the different images of your deceased beloved ones which would then be intermingled with animations of saints and angels. At the same time you are charging your phone (or just extending its life, being an old model)!

This is an inspirational image of our pinhole camera animation of a cherub from the Zegache workshop - played as an app on Geska's iPhone in a "charger-shrine" which has been placed at the home altar of Georgina's. (The pinhole camera animation was developed together with the artisans of the Talleres Comunitarios de Zegache).

The spinning cherub is adding motion to the beautiful home altar
Geska is trying to find the right angle for a pack shot
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