Fiesta del Maize Maguey - Conference and Exhibition Opening
24 Nov 2012
Exhibition opening of works related to corn and agave conference with presentations of experts and artists

This final event summons the research and explorations done around the two plants that are deeply imbedded in Mexican culture. In a workshop at the beginning of November, graphic translations were explored in co-creation between artists from Europe and Oaxacan visual artists and artisans. In the following weeks, works are produced that combine various techniques, arts and crafts, resulting in installations, graphic works and visual art pieces. The exhibition focuses on the process and the ongoing investigations rather than on finished products and art pieces.

Party with the Santo Biche
19 Nov 2011

The artisans referred to Dougald as the Santo Biche - meaning the "pale-skinned saint". It appeared that they were restauring a church artefact looking exactly like... Dougald. We bought some 5 kilos of meat (tasajo, cecina and chorizo) for Saturday afternoon roasting. And above all - I pointed out that a guitar should be fixed for the occasion, since Dougald - or Santo Biche- used to be a street performer during his youth (making good money on REM's "Loosing my religion" among other tunes).

The party started and Dougald was nowhere to be found. The guitar waited and everyone else for that matter. Finally he arrived. With the finesse of a true performance artist Dougald (or Santo Biche) started off his victorious set with Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

And Hallelujah what a party it became! 

Santo Biche (Dougald) singing Hallelujah
Karin, Christina and Loes enjoying the BBQ
Biche Christo was another nickname for Dougald (pale-skinned Christ)
Christina and Loes checking out their recordings
I was learning Zapoteco from Lao - all day and night
Armand would have a lot of songs to request from Santo Biche
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