pupet animation

Deciding on a saint
11 Nov 2011

We came to Zegache this time proposing the project to build a kinetic chapel. An entire edifice devoted to the veneration of a saint as well as the practice of solar energy that would keep the whole thing (literary) in motion.

While working with the practicalities of our building plans, a puppet animation would be developed at the community workshop. This day - the 11/11/11 - we decided that it had to be Santa Ana - the patron saint of Santa Ana Zegache. Simly referred to as "la Patrona". She is also the patron saint of horseback riders, housewives, grandmothers, cabinet makers, unmarried women, women in labor and miners. 

A beautiful image of mother and daughter (Virgin Mary) reading together - a picture of self-education and mother-daughter-love.

The sculpture of la Patrona and la Virgen in the church
Day of the Dead installation?
Intimacy between mother and daughter
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