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Fiesta de Maguey_appearing from under the holy dress
21 Nov 2011
the Virgen de Juquila - with Agave leaves popping out from the divine dress
Fiesta de Maguey take-off

Fiesta de Maguey November take-off with Oaxaca-observaciones and encounters, towards the multi-facet acknowledgement of the Maguey plant. 

Transformaciones through collaboraciones expected in the field of graphic art, glass craft/arts and Beekeeping. All on the back of the Agave. 
"... 'Narran que esta imagen (de la Virgen de los Remedios) le había sido quitado por un soldado por cierto indio que, habiéndola escondido entre algunas plantas de maguey, le ofrecía de beber y comer con la simple creencia de que tenía necesidad de alimento como si estuviera viva.'

There are also legends which say that this Virgin (or another female Saint, e.g. the Virgen de Juquila in some cases) manifested herself; appearing on top of a maguey plant. Jansen, M.; Van Der Loo, P.; Manning, R. (1988) Continuity and identity in Native America: essays in honor of Benedikt Hartmann 

Brill Academic Pub. p. 185


The first part of the Fiesta de Maguey as part of IETC has been done by FoAM members Christina Stadlbauer and Bartaku

FoAM is a network of transdisciplinary labs for speculative culture > http://fo.am

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