Nube De Oro - Leaf Writing Sys Test

23 Nov 2012
Case study: 
Piccolo agave leaf writing system
Agave leaf 'writing' field test

In order to allow the agave to express his relation to light, and time, the piccolo ( is used for agave leaf "writing". The simple 'drawing' is based on the data from a hibiscus glass solar cell acting as a light sensor that is transformed via arduino. The power system consists of sixty six natural dye sensitized glass solar cells -shaped after the seeds of teosinte (the mother of maize)- and two supercapacitors.

As soon as the growing agave stalk starts flowering, the agave will start writing on its leaves, as long as the cells provide sufficient power.

Nube De Oro - Leaf Writing Sys Test, hibiscus Ti02 coated glass solar cell , mix of coated and uncoated glass solar cells, glass solar cells and two supercapacitors