Project collaborators


Performing Pictures, Stockholm SWE
Performing Pictures is an artistic platform for exploring and developing responsive film art and new media in the form of public installations and collaborative processes.
nadine, Brussels BE
nadine is an arts laboratory aimed at developing research focusing on transdisciplinary experiments in the fields of new media and live arts.
Foam, Brussels BE
Foam is a cultural laboratory re-imagining possible futures at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life.
Talleres Comunitarios de Zegache - MX
Talleres Comunitarios de Zegache (TZC) is a development project with the purpose of creating sources of employment, preserving artistic heritage, and recovering artisan trades which have almost been extinct. The workshop focus on wood-carving, carpentry, silver- and gold-leaf application, and embroidery.
cuartielles, Malmö SWE
Cuartielles is headed David Cuartielles – a Spanish microchip engineer, Independent Design Professional, and Electronics Laboratory Director at Malmo University, Sweden. David is the creator and co-founder of Arduino, which is an open-source single-board microcontroller, designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible.
SpaceMakers Agency, London UK
SpaceMakers Agency work with local residents and businesses, artists, community groups, local authorities and property owners to create inspiring regeneration projects that are driven by grassroots energy.
Stpln is an unusual scene for urban culture - unique with its integrated arena for extreme sports and cultural activities. It is a scene where "users are the producers" and were the ideas and experiences of these users help to develop and transform an old industrial area into a "platform of possibilities". STPLN hosts Mexican artists-in-residency. They also create a presentation and exhibition of works from the residencies and other parts of the EITC project.
LaPiztola, Oaxaca, MX
Lapiztola is an urban art collective composed of three artists from Oaxaca, Yankel, Rosario and Roberto. The name itself, Lapiztola, is a play on word composed of the spanish word for Pistol (pistola) and the spanish word for pencil (lapiz). The intent was to create a name where two elements are combined to have a greater meaning – that of shooting graphic elements into the city.
Elemental Editions, Stockholm SWE
Elemental Editionsi aim is to issue publications with a theoretical approach to our designed culture through to those that are a platform for collaboration between designers and authors to create unique compounds in printed matter.
Transfer Studio, Stockholm SWE
Transfer Studio is an independent design practice founded in 2006, with offices in London and Stockholm. Their distinctive approach to graphic design has established the studio a reputation for imaginative, simple yet thoughtful work.
Faro de Oriente, MX
Faro's workshop leader, will be co-teaching Cuartielles' workshops for kids as well as for the artisans and help through out the production.
Etno-botanical Gardens, Oaxaca MX
The Etno-botanical Gardens provide expertise in the area of plants relevant to the region’s culture, and how they are used for food, medicine, perfume, and fibers, but also a source of aesthetic inspiration and intellectual stimulation for the people.
Black Box 
Black Box is a local craft stores in Oaxaca that fuses art, crafts and creative design and functions as a market place for local designers and collectives. Black Box and their designers will participate in workshops, presentations and dissemination held throughout the project in Oaxaca.
La China Sonidera
La China Sonidera is a Oaxacan music group, interpreting traditional cumbia. Their music is used for the documentation material of the project, and they are recording the project theme song Peregrinoando.
UniTierra, Oaxaca, MX
UniTierra is an alternative kind of university, in which learning does not serve as a one-way escalator, powering intra- and international migration; instead, students come to UniTierra from surrounding towns and villages to learn skills which they can go on to practice within their communities.
HUB Oaxaca, MX
The HUB's vision is to seed a network of spaces for social change throughout Latin America: in cities, in the campo, in favelas.
Royal University College of Arts, Stockholm SWE
The Royal Institute of Art is an institution for higher education with a long artistic tradition dating all the way back to the 18th century. The college's new and well-equipped workshops are among the finest in Europe.
Stockholm University, department for Media Studies
among The Department of Media Studies at Stockholm university offers courses and conduct research in journalism, media, communication, fashion and cinema studies.
Artists, artisans, curators, researchers, coordinators etc :
Alvaro Campo, artist and coordinator
An Goovaarts, financial management
Bartaku, artist
Cath Kumar, coordinator Oaxaca Forum for Social Innovation
César Chávez
Christian Thornton, glass artist
Christina Stadlbauer
Daniela Porras, artist-in-resident
Djani Brečević, stone mason
Don Pablo
Dougald Hine
Edith Chávez
Estanislao Chompa, artisan
Estanislao Chompa, artisan
Falko Grentrup, graphic designer
Georgina Saldana Wonchee, director
Geska Helena Brečević, project manager and artist
Grupo de tejedoras “Vida Nueva” 
Gustavo Esteva
Huemac Olivares
Iván Bautista
Jesús Iberri
Jorge Pinzón
José Luis Gutiérrez, artisan
José Luis Gutiérrez, artisan
Karin Becker, researcher
Lauro Balboa, artist-in-resident
Loes Jacobs, coordinator
Luis Daniel Canseco, artist-in-resident
Macrina Mateo y familia
Mario Guzmán
Mark Beam, initiator Oaxaca Forum for Social Innovation
Miguel Ángel Ramos
Nik Stewart, filmmaker and artist
Pacôme Beru
Patricia Tovar, curator and anthropologist
Patrick de Koning
Patrik Qvist, artist and architect
Pavel Scarubi
Robert Brečević, artist
Roberto Vega, artist
Rosario Llaguno Martinez, artist
Rosendo Vega
Tania Bohórquez
Úrsula Acevedo
Valeria Hedman, graphic designer
Various Artists, artist
Véronica Hernandez Bustos, adminstrator
Yeska, artist